The Great Crossing towards oneself:

Leader with oneself, leader with others, on the road to optimism

(Managers Europe Magazine April-June 2018)

On the road of optimism, performance and human dynamics

January-March 2018

(MEDEF PARIS Magazine)


Conference Reinstate our optimism

(Zen Salon: October 2017)



(Re) take charge of his life

(Practices, January 2017)

2017. Conference Choosing the job that really suits you

Forum Emploi pour les Classes de Première du Lycée Léonard de Vinci (Levallois)

Interactive Conference: Taking Control of Your Life
Le Nouvel Économiste
(2 December 2016)


2014. Conference Coaching, a performance lever for the company


1. Happiness and Sense at Work


2. Quality of life at work


3. Work and formal / informal structures


4. Performance and Organization


5. Coordination and Cooperation


6. Individual coaching


Our health tips to stay fit, Call a coach

Publication in "L'Entreprise",

# 323


Development of individuals and organizations and Prevention of stress, N°6.

Publication in the Polytechnic newspaper of Milan (Alumni MIP Quaterly)


Prospective health sector to 2030, impacts on actors and trades 

Publication of the Prospective HR Special Health Study:
Prefaced by Xavier Bertrand, Minister of Labor, Employment and Health.



2010. Conference: How to identify and prevent psychosocial risk factors? (Life Science Network Group).

2010. Conference debate: Occupational health and recognition: prevention of psychosocial risks (IAE).

2010. Conference: How to manage emotions: different approaches to TA at CNV (AFIP).

2008. Conference: Coaching and skills assessment as a useful training tool in GPEC. (APEC).