2018. On the road of optimism, performance and human dynamics- January-March 2018) (MEDEF PARIS Magazine – January-March 2018)

2017. Conference Reinstate our optimism (Zen Salon: October 2017)

2017. Conference Choosing the job that really suits you

Forum Emploi pour les Classes de Première du Lycée Léonard de Vinci (Levallois)
I love my career

2016. New Economist (2 December 2016)


2016. Interactive Conference: Taking Control of Your Life


2014. Conference Coaching, a performance lever for the company

This lecture was divided into six consecutive films of a few minutes each:

1. Happiness and Sense at Work


2. Quality of life at work


3. Work and formal / informal structures


4. Performance and Organization


5. Coordination and Cooperation


6. Individual coaching


2013. Publication in the company, our health tips to stay fit, 7. Call a coach, # 323.

coaching et santé

2012. Publication in the Polytechnic newspaper of Milan (AlumniMIPQuaterly), Development of individuals and organizations and Prevention of stress, N°6.


2011. Publication of the Prospective HR Special Health Study: Prospective health sector to 2030, impacts on actors and trades – Publication prefaced by Xavier Bertrand, Minister of Labor, Employment and Health.


2010. Conference: How to identify and prevent psychosocial risk factors? (Life Science Network Group).

2010. Conference debate: Occupational health and recognition: prevention of psychosocial risks (IAE).

2010. Conference: How to manage emotions: different approaches to TA at CNV (AFIP).

2008. Conference: Coaching and skills assessment as a useful training tool in GPEC. (APEC).