The testimonials presented below reflect the real desire to move forward and make the journey for oneself. I act as a catalyst that facilitates healing by helping you make connections and research the meaning of your experience. My accompaniments are complementary to the medical treatments, and in coordination with the medical caregiver. The symptoms diminish all the more quickly as you become aware and integrate how they relate to past or present events, and persevere in practicing the pragmatic exercises that I transmit to you. It is you who take control of your life balance and your health.

Given the confidential nature and involving our accompaniments, no identity of persons can be revealed.

After a first session

Aurore, 45 years old, Paris

Hello Catherine: I'm fine and am full of new energy! Immediately after the session, it is as if a veil of sadness had been lifted. I am less in the "fog" and even physically there is a surprising change: I had the right eyelid sagging to the point of considering doing surgery ... and this part of my face has found an incredible tone and my face is illuminated (dixit my entourage). This morning I breathe better: my rib cage is softer, lighter. That's what I can say 48 hours after our first meeting.

Christophe, 27 years old, Essonne

Before my arrival in this great anonymous city of the little crown of Paris, I still had this black vision of my life, where it would be a field of pitfalls, as it was from my childhood to my 27 years.

As soon as I entered, I immediately felt good and the person I had in front of me radiated well-being and good health, the apriori I had for psychologists flew away. During the session, I felt sensations in my body that seem innocuous everyday but that day was meaningful thanks to Catherine. As if an accumulation of miasma came out of my body, evils that I camouflaged thanks to my inner strength. Leaving this building I saw this city soothed as I am as I write these words. I still have problems to solve but I feel invigorated and attacked to face the biggest to the smallest worries that had become mountains to climb.

Orientation report

15 year old teenager

  • Request: I would like to know what studies I can do after my bachelor's degree.
  • One week after the first session: I confirm that I feel good. I am now certain of my career choice and thank you for it.

20 years old woman

  • Request: I would like to study (paramedical) and have a job compatible with my character. I am afraid to go to others; if I go anyway, my hands are moist, I'm hot, I do not know how to hold on, to place myself.
  • At the end of the first session: • : I understand that I do not have to bear the pain of others, I breathe better, I feel lighter, I have to learn to think of myself and to protect myself.

Victim of narcissistic pervert

26-year-old woman

Catherine has the power to put at ease anyone regardless of her emotional state of the moment. His various tools combining "classical" and oriental approaches open the Western Cartesian minds that we are. Transgenerational memories or traumas lived and worn are released. Whatever the somatic manifestation of the person's ill-being, each session allows one to shed a little more heavy burdens such as guilt, fear, shame, resentment, devaluation ... This results in a wonderful feeling of lightness, soothing and fullness. The senses are awakened or even exacerbated, and each moment is lived for what it is, the present moment ... Happiness no longer appears as an abstract thing, inaccessible from which one is afraid. The immense joy that accompanies participates in the acceptance of oneself, in the pride of being who one is and in the vision of life as an experience where happiness is at the key. The future is no longer scary but instead becomes exciting.

Job search

32 year old man

  • Application: I am eligible for all the written tests of the competitions where I register, but every time I pass the oral, I am flunked. The last time, for a position that corresponded to me, I was not taken, with the only reason "we do not feel".
  • Since the two sessions we did, I was accepted for the position in the administration xxx, I did not believe it. I was surprised, because I do not know what changed that this time, people took me. I read the admissions list 5 times to understand that it was my name that was there.


35 year old man

  • Request:I would like to know if I am with the right person, it is someone I know very well, we have been together, I lived at home and we separated. I have a professional project with her, is it valid? Should we do it?
  • After a few months: We took up our story again, I moved back home and we started our professional project together.

Life transition

48-year-old woman

"Find my way of life". Today I am in this reality, in my life. I "moulted" thanks to the support of Catherine, my coach for 6 months. It allowed me to repel the fear that inhibited and distracted me in my life. Catherine accompanied me along this path of "moulting" process that for me was underlying but that I could not put in place alone without its support. Catherine respected my rhythm, let me doubt, move on, with her muffled, expert, flawless presence, guided me to allow me to burst in me buried confidence yet necessary to my personal and professional achievement. Since then I have undertaken a professional reconversion that really corresponds to me and which is fully in line with my career so far.

Have in hand the reins of your life

Man of 53 years

  • Request:I have the feeling of not being in control of my life again, as if other people were deciding for me. I feel confused in my relationship with my partner.
  • At the next sessionI needed to get into my cave and make sense. I understand better what happens to me and my reactions. I decided to do what it took to move forward in my relationship. I understood my part in our dysfunction. I begin to dare to take my place.

Personal development

57 years old woman

  • RequestFollowing my violent dismissal (it was a mounted blow), I do not sleep anymore, I dream of my former boss every night.
  • After two sessions I almost do not dream of my job anymore. I am physically much better, I have an emotional hypersensitivity to beauty, to music; I feel them more deeply; it opens, I hear the music on another level.

Chronic fatigue and mourning

47 years old

  • Demand: I feel constantly weak (10 years after a therapeutic abortion).
  • The day after the session: • Thank you for yesterday, it was very strong, I feel in a state of incredible lightness although my feet and buttocks are still very anchored in the ground. In group today, I felt things very differently, very connected but without absorbing the pain of others like a sponge.


40 year old woman

  • Request: I want to free myself from my anxiety attacks. I wake up every night, in the morning, I have no legs, my hands sweaty, I have trouble breathing. I feel like an impostor, not knowing enough at work, not going fast enough, not to assert myself enough. My boss told me "you have not found your place for a year."She manipulates me, appropriates what I do, uses me, plunges me. I'm at his boot. She sabotages me.
    I cried all last weekend. I do not know what to do :
  1. Put me on sick leave, but with my strategic position, I will be fired
  2. I hold on and I shield myself to hold on
  3. I negotiate my departure to rebuild myself

My doctor told me that I was in burnout and stopped me.

  • Two days after the first session: The first effect of the session was to make me sleep half of the afternoon !! Then my husband took my blood pressure and she was back to a normal level and heartbeat which was not the case for several weeks. So a very beneficial effect in summary. Yesterday I felt very good. Obviously the main challenge will be the resumption of work Wednesday ... ..
    Wednesday, I went to see my boss, she gave me 3 layers of work, saying again that I was badly organized. This time, I had the courage to go see his boss, who admitted that I was employed against the flow of my job: I was made the opposite of what I was recruited. He reassured me about my skills and invited me to stop while I get back on my feet.
  • One month later: I am on sick leave and start negotiating my departure next Wednesday. I took a lawyer just in case. It is a complicated step but essential to rebuild. I will surely come back to a meeting when I'm done with them. Because behind, I will need all my energy and my potential.

Chronic pain

55-year-old woman

I read a few articles and books on transgenerational psychology, and I was very interested. I finally could understand and realize what it was that day, date of my appointment with Catherine. I have been suffering from spondylo-lysthesis and spina bifida since my birth, with two surgeries on the back 5 and 6 years ago. Since then, it is the escalation of medical treatments for pain, up to morphine, as well as various medical procedures: physiotherapy, balneotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, electrostimulation, infiltrations, analgesic hypnosis, etc .... without much success. However, I try new therapies to reduce the use of drugs, to no avail, the pain remains the same.
At the end of my first session with Catherine, I got up from the mattress, feeling light, in agreement with myself and above all, I had no back pain and my sciatica had disappeared. The next day, I got up in the morning without pain to my great satisfaction.

75 years old woman

  • Request: I have migraines, neck cracking, sore stomach and sore right shoulder. This is the first time I come to see a psychiatrist of my life. It's because my daughter and my little daughter were so happy with their sessions that I came to see you.
  • At the beginning of the second session: The belly has calmed down, the head hurts less and less often, my pain behind the eyes has completely disappeared. I still have stomach cramps in my stomach.
  • At the end of the second session: I feel good, I'm in good shape to go on vacation, I'm going to enjoy it. I will do now what I want fully, and stop taking care of others. I'll take care of myself, take care of others and stop doing things for them.



40 year old woman

  • Application: Difficulty to walk after knee fracture on ski.
  • After 4 sessions in 3 months: The physiotherapist of this woman exclaims: But what have you done, you have recovered abnormally fast!

Man of 52 years

  • Request: Foot pain following operation two months ago
  • At the end of the second session: I have a brand new foot. When I arrived, I was limping, now I do not limp, I walk normally. It's weird. The balance sheet for a month ... I have less pain, I am more flexible foot, lighter on the pace to walk.


65 years old woman

  • Request: Markers of ovarian cancer must absolutely decrease so that I can do my fourth chemotherapy; they passed in 3 months from 131 to 114, after three chemotherapies.
  • At the end of the first session 15 days later, she leaves with a brighter look, feeling lighter, and painful sensations gone in her body..
  • 5 days after this session, she resumed her analyzes, 2 weeks after the previous ones, the markers dropped to 55. She is in better shape to start her fourth chemotherapy.
  • 2 weeks after her 4th chemotherapy, she called me in a cheerful voice: the operation went very well, even though I suffered a lot. The surgeons said there was almost nothing left when they operated.

Examples of requests

  • 52 year old woman: I'm too much in listening; I take my charge of things; I let myself overflow. I'm always afraid to hurt by saying, what is it? I want to be more spontaneous in a discussion, I wear a mask all the time; if he falls, I'm afraid of not being legitimate. Whenever I speak in public, I have the thrilling racing. I have a worry in what I'm going out. I intervene only after the others, if I feel legitimate to intervene. I question myself very easily. So, I'm on the verge of burnout, because I redo everything myself not to offend others with my thoughts. I can not take a step back. It is too much for me.
  • 50-year-old man: I want to recover my energy and open up potential for emotional encounters with a woman.
  • 55-year-old man: I am a consultant; I want the flow of customers to restart, that word of mouth works, to have new customers.
  • 45-year-old woman: I want to open my channel of emotions, even if I am in perfect internal and external harmony.
  • 60-year-old woman: I want to make the blockage I feel today more fluid.
  • 55-year-old woman: I want to position myself in relation to my other colleagues and take my place. I want to be more participative on the steering committee. I feel beneath them so I do not do it. I lack confidence in myself. I want to find my power. I put barriers, how do I get out?
  • 50-year-old woman: I have physical ailments, digestive problems, I have pain in the walls of the colon, I have backbone pain, it takes my head. I support my husband a lot, but it still does not work, he is always depressed. The less I do it, the better I am.
  • 43-year-old man: I am stuck in my professional and sentimental action. I want to turn the page with all the mourners of last year and put in place my skills.
  • 40-year-old woman: We do not hear me, I've always been crushed, I do not know who I am.
  • 48-year-old woman:I have a limiting energy, I suffered. I am a little better, but I am never well. I think I do not deserve.
  • 32-year-old woman: I have a horrible feeling that I repeat my mother's life and it bothers me. I have a problem with the concept of the family and its values.
  • Man 35 years old: The notion of bad power, it annoys me, I put myself in withdrawal, I disconnect, I do not feel anything.