I propose supervision sessions for accompanying persons of any level, whether you are a beginner or expert: coach, consultant, trainer, psychologist, psychopathologist and by extension any person working in the helping relationship or in the care, including medical professional and para-medical.

These sessions can be done individually or in groups.

The individual sessions, by appointment at your initiative, take place according to your objectives and the different body-mind-emotions plans. I help you sort out what belongs to you or your client and unravel the resonances that emerge. Not only do you gain professional balance, but you strengthen and develop your potential.

This work can be done in a group during one of our days: you will find the next dates available on the agenda.

Individual rate: 180 euros *

Group rate: 100 euros * (1/2 day of 4 hours), 180 euros * (full day)

You can opt for a package of 6 individual sessions or 6 group days for 960 euros *.

* Special price. Business rate, contact me.