Catherine Frade, creator of this site and founder of Steliaxe since 2003, doctor of pharmacy, psychologist, psychopathologist of work, international systemic coach, specialized in integrative transformation of people, groups and organizations.

My first professional life in the international healthcare industry has allowed me to understand that multicultural and human factors play a major role in the fluidity of work beyond facts and rules.

There is something much bigger that is translated into body feeling and intuition. Caring for it gives you a huge room for improvement in understanding your universe, because verbal language accounts for only 7% of communication.

I train regularly in France and abroad to enrich my practices: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, Sri Lanka, China, United States, Mexico, Brazil ... I have in particular followed the teachings of the Toltec agreements with the family Ruiz or those of Joe Dispenza in meditation. I am empowered to pass on Deepak Chopra's teachings in global health balance (yoga, meditation, ayurveda, neuroscience, epigenetics), as a certified instructor of the Chopra Center since July 2017.

I combine these different approaches for more serenity and joy of life in our daily life, at all levels, personal, professional, physical, psychic, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

I respect the code of ethics of psychologists.

By revisiting your experiences or your projects from different angles, you will discover other perceptions that make sense to you on your way of life. The idea is to unravel and re-harmonize the links between people and events in order to evolve in the most beneficial way possible. So you capitalize positively on your past experiences to build the best possible present and consider your future wishes.

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