You face a difficult situation at work and you need advice. You want to achieve your goals, but you do not know how to make a context that accelerates more and more. You are tired, even exhausted. You want to understand, improve your daily life, resume a professional activity in accordance with your aspirations. You want to reconvert yourself.

As a psychologist and psychopathologist at work, I guide you in the choice of the professional project that really suits you, in your transitions and to anticipate, overcome and cure stress, burn-out, harassment, toxic relationships and other toxic situations of all kinds...

This profession that I represent is the only one to consider work as an object of accompaniment and to emerge from the duality "me / the other", like to assure the coordination and the follow-up of the multidisciplinary protocol with the various stakeholders to the works in any work situation (always with your prior agreement and preserving confidentiality): the company (Human Resources Department), the occupational doctor and / or the company's social worker, the doctor and / or attending psychiatrist, legal advisors, disability mission of the company... My specialized consultation Health and Labor is referenced by the website of the Ministry of Labor, Work Better / Health and Safety at work, the seine of my structure, STELIAXE, Certified Intervener in Psychosocial Risk Prevention (IPRP).


I am particularly specialized in the following situations, whether on the side of people or companies:


The coaching that I propose to you comes from my personal experience and my professional practice: besides my double training at the Paris CNAM in the teams of Christophe DEJOURS, Yves CLOT and Marie PEZE, I myself experienced a burn- stern out that stole me two years off work. Only those who have lived it know what it really is, because even the close entourage does not realize this inner distress. For me, burnout is a symptom of a dissonance between the way we are built with the situation encountered at work or in our professional or personal relationships.

So, I help you understand what made you switch to this state. I accompany you to come out and build a life project that better reflects your values ​​and your deep professional and personal aspirations. Your vulnerability becomes an asset. Not only will you regain your psychic health, your vital energy and your joie de vivre, but as a bonus you will find yourself on a path that is probably very different from the previous one.

To know more + an example of coaching on the Burn-out



If you think you are a victim of harassment, I suggest you watch this video in 7 points, made by Henri Kaufman as part of the Videos of Success, to fight against perverts in the office.

If you recognize the situation, contact me to get out of your victim status and take back your professional (or personal) situation.

I also accompany companies that have the will to set up a clear and human operation to transform these deleterious managerial practices, often related to burn-out.

They can reduce the toxic impact of this type of behavior through the establishment of a specific organization and a collective that works humanly. For the record, the false strategic friendliness is very often linked to practices of collective harassment and bouc-emissairisation. Faced with ... "divide better to rule", the union is strength ...



Addiction helps to keep in a deleterious environment. If you find that you are caught in this gear, I help you to see this situation differently and to operate the good levers to get you out of it. There is plenty of opportunity to evolve and find a harmonious and serene life if you really want, whether in the form of individual or collective support. For example, you can consult the program of the  training I run for Comundi.


Nevertheless, why wait to be sick to think about what life is and how to live it best? If you want to be accompanied upstream before such a situation appears, even if I am there for traumas more or less heavy, contact me. It will be faster to find or preserve your joie de vivre.