This meditation of Jeru Kabbal's soul awakening is my favorite meditation. If you keep your eyes closed all the time of its unwinding (one hour) and you let surprise by the synchronization of your breathing on the proposed music, you can obtain information on the orientation of your life.


Welcome, welcome to the world of quantum breath.

This world where you can discover new and enriching aspects of yourself. The world of which you have always known exists and may have even been experienced in the past, but in which you may never have been able to return as easily as you would have liked.

It is a world in which you can be free and flourish. A world in which you can discover who you really are and what you really are.

To begin this journey within yourself, it is important that you sit well, on a chair with your back straight, on the floor with a cushion or on a meditation bench.

The lower part of your body provides a solid foundation, your spine stretches upward, your head is upright, your chin is slightly tilted down, your lower back tips slightly forward to offer more force to your spine.

Your clothes should be loose, as wide as possible.

And then you will begin to breathe with more awareness by allowing your belly to relax when you inhale. Throughout every breath, keep your belly relaxed, that's very important.

So you inhale deeply first into that relaxed belly, then high in your lungs as fully as you can, without straining, without tense. Inhale each time as if it were a wonderful pleasure, as if you were drinking the nectar of life with each inspiration. Fill your lungs as fully as you can with each breath without effort. Keep your stomach relaxed when you inhale.

You will notice that with each inspiration your belly inflates itself. Continuing to inspire, the air fills your chest and finally your bust lifts. Then exhale naturally, easily and normally. Breathe deeply and fluidly, inspire life.

If thoughts come to you, let them simply emerge and leave without involving you in it, just let your reveries emerge and let them go again, let emerge memories and even emotions, let them go always centered on your breathing.

You do not need to listen to my voice or the music, just stay focused on your breath, focus on your breathing by inhaling as deeply as possible, and at the same time, let emerge what comes from your mind, such as that it presents itself and let everything leave without attaching it in any way.

These are the products of your mind, your thoughts, your memories, your daydreams and emotions. These are not the real ones, let them just come and go again while staying focused on your breathing at every moment. Breathe deeply, fully enjoying each breath.

Each inspiration brings you life, purifies you, cleans you at every level of your being; you deeply drink the nectar of life. Sitting in silence while breathing deeply, you create a field of energy, obviously it is about your own energy, no need to be afraid of it.

Just allow your energy to extend beyond your physical body, do not try to hold it within your physical body, allow it to extend beyond your physical body. As your energy field expands, you can feel bigger than usual. This is natural, it's perfectly OK.

You can discover that you can feel bodily sensations you are not used to. It is also perfectly normal.

You can feel the tip of your nose tickling you a bit, or becoming a little insensitive, the tips of your fingers might find that same sensations of insensitivity, numbness, it's just your own energy trying to overtake energy blockages within yourself.

Just let its phenomena settle in, if it becomes uncomfortable for you, then breathe just a little more gently. It's just as if you could let them emerge and let everything happen as you stay centered on your breathing.

It can happen at some point, whether you need to laugh, your body needs to laugh or cry or scream. And if these phenomena want to manifest themselves, then let them emerge always centered on your breathing. Let these events be present, let them come without you always attached to it by staying focused on your breathing.

Continue to breathe deeply and easily by letting your energy blossom with each breath, open to life knowing that every breath cleanses you, purifies you. It is not only your physical body that is cleansed, but also your psychological body and mental body that are cleansed, purified.

Stay focused on your breathing by letting my voice and my music just surround you, it is not necessary to listen to these sounds. Your focus is on your breathing, breathe deeply, fully, inspiring the nectar of life, deeply inhale life. The more you inhale, the more you will become alive, breathing deeply, deeply and fully.

Drink deeply and deeply each inspiration, let your life flourish each time, staying focused on your breathing, always centered on your breathing. By letting freely emerge from your memory, from your unconscious, all that wishes to emerge,

Simply without attaching to it, just leaving some old stories, memories, emotions or whatever it is or could be, emerge. Staying always centered on your breathing.

At some point, you may feel the need to laugh, cry, scream. You may feel emotions that do not seem consistent with the present moment. Emotions such as jealousy, abandonment, disappointment, anger. Let them just emerge on the surface if they wish. But do not attach to it, taking as basic concept that they can belong to someone else.

These emotions are not your real you. That's why you can let go, so if they emerge, stay focused on your breathing and at the same time, give these thoughts, these reveries, these memories, these emotions, the permission to be present in you without giving them energy.

And then you can let go of much of the fear and tension that you have attached yourself to and perhaps you can let go of all the fears and tensions. Breathe and above all, do not send a message to your subconscious that these things are important to you or are relevant, they all come from your memory bank and just stay focused on your breathing.

Breathe deeply and fully by allowing your energy field to take its place and flourish. Remember that every breath cleanses you, purifies you.

Allow what was buried in your subconscious to emerge on the surface if it is ripe. And when that happens, do not worry about it. Your mind may say that it's very important, obvious, but the reality is that it's neither important nor obvious. In this moment you are just breathing. Breathe deeply and fully.

Focus on your breathing. Stay focused on your breathing and if you feel like you are moving away from it, then simply bring your awareness back to the breath.

From now on, allow what wants to emerge, to emerge while remaining centered on your breathing, leaving your consciousness centered on the breath and not on the sounds you can hear: my voice, the music, do not let you not distract by your own thoughts or your own emotions.

Let these thoughts, these emotions, these reveries and memories emerge without attaching to it. They are not your deep self. Let each breath be full and deep, full and complete. Stay focused on your breathing at every moment by inspiring as deeply, as fully as you can.

Now let your breathing become a little deeper, a little more dynamic while inhaling deeply and fully into your belly, can be by increasing the speed by inspiring more life with each breath. Inspire life as your own energy that you create. By inspiring deeply and fully, remember that you can regulate your experience: the more you breathe in air, the deeper your experience will be.

Now inhale as much as you can, deeply and fully into your belly and then up to your chest, speeding up the pace while staying at a comfortable pace for you.

Allow what wants to emerge to emerge by staying focused on your breathing at every moment, just agree to allow what can emerge to emerge from your unconscious: thoughts, memories, emotions, just let emerge what wants emerge, inhaling deeply into your belly and up to your chest, inspiring life, exhaling the past. Inhale the new and exhale the past.

From there, for a few minutes, breathe as powerfully as you can , as hard as you can for about two minutes, breathe as hard as you can!

Keep the breath powerful, strong, keep the powerful breathing as powerfully as you can for another minute, breathe as strongly as you can.

Inhale as much air as you can by breathing always strongly, powerfully, keep the force of your breath, keep your focus on your breath and allow what wants to emerge. Keep breathing strong.

And now, breathe the way you like, enjoy your breath, rejoice in your radiance, and breathe!

There, start again to inhale very slowly , more slowly than before, allowing your belly to relax. Again inhale at your own pace, gently and deeply into your belly, then up very high in your chest, breathing at your right pace by imagining in the moment that you are sitting outside, and that the sun rises on a new day . And just let this new day be symbolic for you of a new life, for every day is truly a new life.

Just feel the coolness of this new day inspiring slowly, deeply, inspire this new day, this new life that is now opening up to you, call the many possibilities of this new life, feel its freshness and power by inspiring deep into even your belly and very high in your chest, gently, majestically and open, just open and receive ,

Yes, by saying yes to yourself, yes to this new day, to this new life. Inspire it, inspire life. Realize that it's a new day for you, a new life, you can leave the past behind, you can start a new life. Feel it when you breathe, when you blossom, you grow in opening yourself to this new day. This new You.

Keep breathing slowly, majestically, deep in your belly and high in your chest as you open up to this day, this new, fresh day, a day that has never happened before and will never happen again.

This is Your day. This is Your life.

And by continuing to focus on your breathing, allowing you to recognize that you are now a strong and competent adult. Now you are no longer a child, nor an infant.

You have a natural freedom, a natural power that you did not have then, and even if you had frightening memories and terrifying childhood scenarios, to see that now you have natural freedom, natural power. And stay focused on your breathing as you feel that freedom, feel that power, inspire it now.

By inspiring now this freedom, this power, knowing that they are always present, always at your disposal, leaving behind the old experiences of helplessness, lack of strength, lack of coherence, maladjustment, and seeing what a strong, able, wonderful being you are now and appreciate it, opening yourself to that, celebrating your freedom, celebrating your natural abilities by saying yes to your freedom, your abilities, inspiring it, open yourself and feel that!

Yes, by saying yes to yourself.

Simply by inspiring it, inspiring it, breathing deeply, feeling that freedom, feeling that power, saying yes to yourself.

Letting go of old feelings of lack of coherence, helplessness, lack of power

And breathe, Yes! Yes! Feel your yes to life, feel your yes to yourself. Yes to yourself!

And you continue to breathe, deeply and fully by focusing on that point between your heart and your throat: the seeds of joy , maybe you were a child whose joy of living was suppressed or discouraged, knowing that the joy is a natural quality, giving to this word: joy, its freedom, to let it dance, to let it sing, to let it fly, to let it play, to steal it, always while breathing fully and deeply, gently, majestically leaving the energy center on the seat of joy, between the heart and the throat, opening you, opening, opening, giving permission to your energy to dance now, give it its freedom, let it fly at its own free will , of course,

Yes, saying yes to your own joy by letting it express itself by breathing gently, deeply, yes, letting it happen.

Yes, yes, let that happen, let it happen, staying centered on your breath, staying focused on your breath.

Breathe gently, deeply allowing each breath to let you take your full place, to bloom, allowing your energy to blossom with each breath, feel the area expand your lungs, each breath will increase your energy field, your aura .

By opening up, opening yourself to existence, through the breath, allow each breath to bloom, let the old tensions, the old contractions, the old fears, open to the present moment, open up nowadays.

Know that you can be in this moment, you can flourish, you can let go of the old tensions from past experiences.

See that the past does not really exist, or even the future, the past is outdated and the future has not arrived yet; only today exists, and today you can blossom, relax, relax, simply relax and let each breath bloom, allow each breath to put you in touch with existence.

Breathe with each breath by letting yourself grow in yourself, letting go of all your tensions, just say yes to your growth, to your opening

And now you continue to breathe fully, deeply and especially by setting your inspiration high up in your chest, letting your energy center on your heart , feeling the vulnerability of your heart again, but at the same time feeling its wisdom and his strength.

Knowing that you can trust your heart, learn to listen to your heart instead of your mind: the mind always lives in the past, in magical thinking, based on memories.

But the heart is in the present, the heart is beating in the moment, open your heart by saying yes to your heart; breathing in, saying yes to your heart, learning to trust your heart, becoming aware that the heart is in the present moment, is in the truth; Yes…,

Feel the wisdom of your heart, the years of wisdom of your heart, the one that connects us all, the one who knows everything, breathing deeply and fully, deeply into your belly and then up into your chest, fully filling the upper parts of your lungs, always focusing on your breathing, always focusing on your breathing.

By breathing more gently now and for all that, fully and deeply if you feel like it, staying focused on your breathing, feeling the sounds around you, no need to listen in your usual way, just by focusing your attention on your breathing, reminding you again that today is a new day, a day that has never happened before and will never happen again.

And in this new day, you can be a new person, if you make the choice. You can free yourself from your past, you can be free, you can heal from your old wounds, old frustrations, old disappointments, you can leave them all and be a new person, just as fresh as this new day.

There are methods to help you do this, there are techniques, you will not learn these techniques at school or at church or at home, you have to look for them, but they exist, and they waiting for you.

As you seek to discover your inner nature, be grateful to yourself and appreciate how far you have come, recognize the sacrifices you have made, the trials you have endured. Be thankful deep down to where you have come before, far ... and draw your courage in this realization, and know that you are not alone in your attempt to place yourself in the light, know that all existence is with you, waiting for you to come home, to your home. Existence awaits you with open arms so that you can flourish and return home

And let your heart guide you as it has done so far and take advice from your heart and not from your mind, whether you realize it or not, during these past moments you have created a space of clarity, a space of wisdom, a space of compassion and understanding. Whether you realize it or not, the higher instances of yourself are now present and available to you, so you may want to spend some time talking to yourself: there are questions that require answers, decisions that need to be taken, directions that need to be corrected.

So take this moment now and speak with yourself , seeing what you can say to encourage yourself, to straighten up, to rise, speaking now to yourself for a moment. It may be, when the music is going to stop, that you prefer to sit still and if you choose to do that, let your awareness center on your breathing.

You may find that there are some thoughts, but even these few thoughts do not need you to pay attention to them, stay focused on your breathing, and as you move towards this new day, stay focused on your breathing, you will find that you will always hear what you need to hear, see what you need to see while staying focused on your breathing, allow yourself to stay connected to yourself and as much as that you can, just be present in this present moment, not in the mind, not in your head, not in your memory, just in this sacred, divine moment, which has never happened before and which will never come again .

Your true self, your deep self exists in the present moment, not in memory, not in projections to the future, but in the reality of this moment.

Recognize in yourself your share of divine intelligence, divine harmony, divine love, open to this part of yourself and let it live naturally in you

Allow yourself to open, in the same way that a rose buds and opens in the morning sun, easily, naturally, in joy!

This is the beginning of a wonderful story that is renewed every day if you make the decision for yourself.