Meditating in a group

Come and discover our practice on the occasion of our next meditation evening next meditation evening is from 19h to 21h00 in the Paris region. You can come whatever your level. I am sending you what you need to meditate safely at home.

Contact me to register. The participation fee is 20 euros.

Following the success of the meditations that I animated at the Zen show ... where we were up to 70 in a room of 30 m2 ... I opened a regular meditation group, open to all and for all levels in the evening during the week between 19h and 21h00 (limited number of places).These groups of meditations can also be animated in your events.

How is our meditation evening?

The meditation, with its introductory explanations and the final exchange time, lasts from 19:00 to 21:00. The goal is to meditate by taking advantage of the strength of the group to learn to include this practice in our lives. I give you different styles of meditation, so that you can choose the one that suits you best according to your context of the moment. If you have a particular request, I adapt to it as much as possible.
If you have points to address or to treat, you can send it to me by mail before or to speak about it at the beginning of meditation. I take this opportunity to send you the feedback of a beginner participant who allowed me to create a custom-made meditation for the group while he was in a bad position with his narcissistic perverse boss: the dynamics at work s' is reversed. This weekend, I had the energy again to work my garden, to cut my plants... (1 month later)...
To formalize the extensions of the other times, I suggest you to dine together on the spot in the Spanish inn format, with what everyone will want to bring to nibble to share (kitchen available - no alcohol).

The exact coordinates to come will be communicated to you with the written confirmation of your registration (PAF 20 €).

Looking forward to meeting us.


Meditate individually

In my office, I teach you how to meditate, be it meditation in silence, guided, in music or active. This is one of the tools I give you during our sessions in order to prolong the effect, or even to develop it. I also teach you how to choose a good meditation for you.

Meditate with my favorite meditation: Sunrise of the Soul

Questions / Answers about meditation

What to meditate? Meditation allows to suspend brain activity. It is acquired with various techniques, the development of your feelings and practice. Meditating allows your brain to rest, just like a reset on a computer. This helps to have clearer ideas, normalize your vital functions, and develop your intuition and discernment.

Question: I gave up this morning's meditation because I could not get home. I tried to do it again but I do not understand in what state of mind to be to "celebrate the energy centers and send new information"

Answer: Celebrating your energy center means letting your chakra shine, feel it unfold, and see who emerges or receives new information. We must let go for this to happen, and paradoxically, do not wait for an answer. At the same time you have to observe and receive the first information, as absurd as it seems. Sometimes we can even have the information before we finish asking the question. It is this microsecond of response that must also be watched.

Question: I get lost a little between the consciousness placed in the energy center and at the same time in the area around the center, in space, then feel the energy of this space: then we can express gratitude towards the center while keeping the consciousness on the space ... all this does a lot for me ... the mind starts to analyze again during the meditation.  

Answer: You have to let go of the mind completely, concentrate on your breathing and observe what you feel in and out of your body, letting go, that is to say without expecting anything. This is how group work helps a lot because the synchronization of the mirror neurons makes it possible to multiply the effect. With practice, ie repetition, it ends up coming: it's as if the body was talking by itself. Usually we observe our thoughts in our head, there we observe the sensations of our internal and external bodies. This shows that we are neither our thoughts nor our body; that "I" is something else, which we call as we want, as for example, the universal energy...