I welcome the following audiences in their personal and / or professional situation:

  • Child, teenager, adult
  • Couple
  • Family
  • Group

I receive children at any age in the presence of a parent. Adolescents may have non-adult consultations if both agree (teen and parent).

Any type of profession comes to consult me, coming from any private and public sector (list given by way of example):

  • Company employees: presidents or company directors, managers, human resources managers, anyone connected with internal or external customers
  • People in professional or unemployed transition
  • Teenagers or (pre) retired people looking for their way
  • More and more people from the medical and paramedical sector: doctors, occupational physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, researchers, university professors...


I accompany you individually, as a couple, as a family, as a group, with your children at any age. It can be in your personal or professional situations and in the search of who you really are (your deep identity) in a harmonious body-mind-emotion alignment with:

You can develop your serenity and maintain your balance through specialized sessions in Health or Work. Personal and professional life assessments are done at any age, so one-third of our clients are young people. I receive the minors in the presence of a parent. For teenagers, after consultation with their parent, it can be received alone.

I can diagnose your overall energy balance at the beginning and end of the session. I also use various  complementary balancing tools (Pandora Star, Crystal Bench ...).

My consultations can be done face-to-face, by videoconference or by telephone, in French, English or Italian.


I use a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach  that takes into account all your body (physical, psychic, emotional, energetic, spiritual)  to achieve your goals. We are looking together for the systemic origin (in space and time) of your request, to readjust the imbalance that makes you consult. Thus, each session allows you to treat various requests simultaneously and to have an impact in several fields of your life.

You can take an appointment face-to-face, by videoconference or by phone. In a second time, you can also come as a couple, family or group or continue your sessions individually.

Other days, time slots and types of sessions are available: in this case, please contact me directly.

If you want to live this group experience or deepen it, know that I am transmitting this integrative transformation approach in the development process.

I also accompany companies to develop their human resources for smooth and harmonious organizations, via the structure of  STELIAXE.