I start each session by reviewing your goals for this session and in the long term.

Through a systemic and humanistic global vision, I propose you to:

  • Integrate different personal and environmental parameters and events,
  • Observe your patterns of repetitions, blockages, stakes,
  • Clear weak signals,
  • Highlight the links between events that may seem disconnected and seek their meaning, to unravel them and find solutions together,
  • To soothe and lighten you of a burden that does not often belong to you, to go towards a greater joy of living and a freedom to be yourself.

My approach helps you to develop your balance, increase your well-being, your health, to move on the path of  happiness by realizing you. In the professional field, it helps you to dare to be fully yourself, to take your place and bring your talents to the world.

At each session, all our senses are at work and we use one or more tools: systemic, organizational, behavioral, physical / physical, neurophysiological, psychic, emotional, psychosomatic, transgenerational, energetic, quantum, astrological.

I want you to finish the session by having gained serenity and grown up. When the work requires more than three meetings, they must be spaced a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks apart.