The Bench of Crystals is an excellent complement to the therapeutic process at work: it combines chromotherapy, light therapy and crystal therapy. This association produces a beneficial stimulation on different levels of being: physical, psychic, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

Lying with soft and relaxing music, you receive on your 7 energy centers the radiations and vibrations of 7 quartz crystals that purify and harmonize your chakras. Most people dive into a meditative state or deep relaxation as the vibratory frequencies of light and crystals synchronize with your cells and body. You get out of there soothed, your vital energy purified, balanced, transformed, and recharged.

Scientific Observations on Crystal Therapy:

A precisely cut quartz crystal produces a constant vibration of the same frequency as water in its purest state. Water recovers the crystal vibrations by resonance and restructuring (M. Vogel). Since we are made up of ~ 80% water, this has repercussions on our body balance.

Clients report effects similar to those of meditation with an experience that can be:

  • Alignment, balancing of energy fields, rejuvenation
  • Relaxation, well-being, stress relief, better sleep
  • Emotions released and transformed, inner serenity
  • Physical or psychic pain relieved
  • Increased body and cell sensibility
  • Increased physical and psychic awareness
  • Clearer mind, reconnection to yourself


Price60 euros (session of one hour maximum)