Full text of “Astrology of the Seers – David Frawley (Sri Vamadeva Shastri)”
THE ASTROLOGY OF the sEER S A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO VEDIC ASTROLOGY By David Frawley • MOTILAL BANARSIDASS PUBLISHERS PRIVATE LIMITED . DELHI £7 ‘HxjxrlxmjjCjgJ. ( EJhjjj£J±A. _ CONTENTS _ Foreword Preface PARTI: The Astrology of the Seers Towards a New Vision of Astrology The Original Science; The Science of Time; The Planets and the Gods; Astrology as a Spiritual Science; Vedic Science; Vedic Astrology; The Four Aims of Life Astrology East and West The l\vo Zodiacs; The Controversy Between the Two Zodiacs; Orientation of the Sidereal Zodiac; Solar and Cosmic Astrology; Ayanamsha; How to Calculate the Vedic Chart The World-Ages or Cycles of the Yugas The Lesser Cycle; The Greater Cycle; Cycles of Humanity; Ascending and Descending Cycles; Beyond Time; Harmonization with the Galactic Center; The Star Vega PART II: The Methodology of Vedic Astrology The Planets The Great Cosmic Signiflcators Sequence; Numerology; Order; Qualities; Elements; Attributes and Actions; Indicators; Planets as Benefic or Malefic; Dispositorship; Descriptions of the Planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn; The Lunar Nodes: In Western Astrology, In Vedic Astrol¬ ogy, The Negative Sun and Negative Moon, Positive Sides of Nodes; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto The Signs How Planets D-ansmit the Influencess of the Stars Sign Rulership; Odd and Even Signs; Signs by Quality; Qualities of the Planets; Signs and the Elements; Examining Elements in the 8 The Astrology of the Seers Chart; Uses of Signs; Description of the Signs; Exaltation and Debility; Mulatrikona; Detriment; Planetary Relationships; Planetary Significators; The 27 Lunar Constellations 3. The Houses The Domains of Planetary Action 135 Analogy to the Signs; Different Systems of House Determination; Houses by Quality and Element; Basic Meaning of Houses; House Correlation; House Significators; Lords of Houses; Laws of House Rulership; Indicators 4. Planetary Aspects and Combinations 167 Aspects in Western Astrology; Aspects by Sign; Special Aspects; Aspects East and West, – A Comparative View; Major Aspects; Sambandha; Conjunction; All Aspects; Com¬ bust; Planetary War; Hemming in of Planets; Separative Planets; Retrograde; Planetary Yogas; Kuja Dosha; Shadbala 5. Harmonic Charts Patterns of Astrological Intricacy 185 Calculation, Meaning and Usage 6. Planetary Periods Determining Planetary Influences Through Time 197 How to Determine; How to Use; Background Tiansits; Planetary Returns; Use of Period Lords: Determination of Favorable Periods and Times; Planetary Hours; Horary Astrology PART III: Astrology, Healing and TVansformation 1. Medical Astrology 209 Ayurveda and Astrology; Medical Astrology; The Three Humors; Air Types; Fire Types; Water Types; Humors and Elements; Humors and Signs; Determining Constitution Astrolog- ically; Disease-Causing Planets; Sign-House Correspondences; The Sixth House and Sixth Sign 2. Astrology and Psychology 221 Psychological Indicators of Planets ^7#if/