Other days, time slots and types of sessions are available: in this case, please contact me directly.


INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS (1 adult or 1 child accompanied by an adult):

  • Discovery or monitoring, or energy balance with a report on your energy balance: 80 euros (30 minutes) - complementary quantum programming (sound and water) that you use at home within ten days: 40 euros.
  • Body-mind-emotions session (one hour): 150 euros
  • Complete life assessment, diagnosis of life project, evolution tracks, answers to your questions: 200 euros. I give you a recording of your session and provide you with the documents we have worked on
  • Personal astrological study: 150 euros - 50 euros per additional question about people around.
  • Response to a specific question (professional life, personal life, love, health, love, spirituality): 80 euros

All sessions can be face-to-face, video-conference or telephone, unless specifically requested.

Depending on your situation, several sessions may be necessary. The majority of my clients did a maximum of 3 to 6 sessions over a period of 2 to 4 months.

Rates shown are tax-exclusive amounts (20% VAT)

SESSIONS IN GROUP (couple, family ...):

I propose a rate according to your request during a previous individual session. Children must come with a parent. In this case, the individual consultation rates apply. Teenagers can come alone if a parent agrees.

COMPANY: Contact me for a quote that necessarily takes into account the context within the individual / group / organization interaction, even in the case of individual coaching.



  • Bank checks
  • Cash
  • Bank transfers

The regulation of the sessions by video conference or by telephone must be done before the beginning of the session.

Any session canceled less than 3 working days is due.



My interventions (session, consultation, support, training ...) can be financed:

1. As a Registered Psychologist with the number ADELI 92 93 1357 5.  

Inquire at:

Your mutual to ask for the conditions of care in the consultations of city.

Your insurance abroad, some countries taking care of my consultations up to 100% depending on the country.

Your occupational doctor whose employer depends on you for information.

2. As a training institute: consult me at least one month before the start of the training for me to send you a training agreement.

3. As a Certified Psychosocial Risk Prevention Practitioner (IPRP)

4. On your own money, which is still the case in the majority of cases.