Mastering our energies



This module Mastering and Radiating our Energetic Body corresponds to the first level of the Integrative Dynamics of Health course. It can be followed in isolation or in the complete course. It serves as a prerequisite for Level 3: Transmute the impact of our memories for optimal health


Our auras contain our memorial traces of our experience or inherited without our knowledge and constitute a filter that shields the smooth flow of our lives, and this, by assiduously adhering to the law of attraction or positive thinking.

This internship allows us to become aware of our internal and external energies, how they come into resonance with our entourage, whether personal or professional.

You will learn to use this energy for you, for those around you, for your customers.

The idea is to transform toxic energies to better express your potential. You will find a personal, interpersonal and professional alignment so you can move forward calmly and generate the life you like. It also allows you to integrate these tools into your coaching practice, participants playing in turn client and accompanying.

Program and Course

Method derived from Indian Pranathérapie and Ayurvedic energy approaches according to Deepak Chopra. Understand how radiation and projection of prana (or chi in Chinese medicine) can develop or regain the life force. You learn to use energy externally. It is a complement to the internal school of energy that we also transmit meditation.

Training locations

Lieu des stagesResidential Stage (R) 1-hour drive from Paris West or 1 hour by train from Gare St-Lazare

Non residential internship (NR) in Levallois (92), depending on the number of participants

On request: non-residential course at the weekend, or residential in the province / abroad (English / Italian possible).

To whom is this stage addressed?

Anyone wishing to advance on their path of life (personal and / or professional), to realize themselves and to (re) connect to his joie de vivre, and really attract the life and the meetings that suit him, by going beyond repetition patterns, blockages, possible physical and psychological symptoms.

Any health professional and accompaniment wishing to develop his practice enriching and / or preserve its ecology through this mode of supervision of our powerful alignment…

Depending on the students enrolled, this internship can be animated in bilingual (French / English).


February 7 to 9 – March 5 to 7, 2018

It is possible to repeat this module as many times as you wish to deepen and anchor the practice and your discernment. Participants can thus respect their pace of integration and practice. The renewal of the internship is subject to a preferential rate.


540 euros * for a three-day module – 980 euros * for two modules.

* Price including taxes for private individuals – Companies: contact us – training agreement on request. Excluding accommodation and meals.

Reservation with payment of a deposit of 20% (100 euros for an individual module or 200 euros for two modules).


To register, contact me To register, for a phone interview, or for more information. Your registration is confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 20%.

Founder of the approach

Catherine Frade, psychologist, occupational psychopathologist, systemic coach, Dr Pharmacy. She is also a certified instructor at the Chopra Center in California, a member of the Pain and Work Network, and a board member of the EMDR France association. She has also trained in different European, Asian and American approaches. She has founded and runs STELIAXE since 2003 (consulting, training, coaching people and organizations in Integrative Transformation).



Thank you to Mrs. Simone Luciani, author of the mandala


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